Spring Time Again!

Sumptuous Easter Buffet

Join us for our annual Easter Brunch Buffett! There's no better place to take your family on such a lovely spring day.

Sunday April 20th
11am until 4pm
$25 per adult
5- 10yr olds half price
Children under 5 eat free

Weather permitting, we will be opening seating on the patio. Reserve early for choice spots.

♦ About the Manor ♦

Amadeus Manor is a turn of the century estate built in the hills above Milwaukie. It overlooks the Willamette River all the way down to the Portland skyline. If that sounds stunning, it's because it is. The mansion itself is three stories of stone and plaster filled with chandeliers, Persian rugs, roaring fireplaces, and always, always fresh flowers on every table.

♦ A Brief History ♦

Story has it that construction began in 1921 by G.L. Shearer, a lumber baron, who wanted an estate that looked over industry on the Willamette. But work was halted with the stock market crash in 1929 until it was purchashed and completed by Earl McInnes, manager of the Multnomah Hotel, in 1941. The estate was then renamed Fernwood Manor. The manor changed hands several times over the years, eventually being picked up by two restauranteurs in 1974, who renamed it the "Fernwood Inn."

However, by 1994, the beautiful building had fallen into disrepair. But current owner, Kristina Poppemeier, came across it and fell in love with the gorgeous building and stunning view, and oversaw renovations herself. Kristina, an Austrian native and owner of the prestigious Amadeus Restaurant in Lake Oswego, decided that there would be no perfect setting than here for "Amadeus Manor".